Monuments/Mausoleum Options

Cemetery Memorials Presented by Parsell Funeral Homes.

For centuries people have felt the need to memorialize their loved ones in a tangible way.  Our firm has been accomplishing this task for over 75 years in the creation of beautiful and long-lasting memorials.  Many of the memorials you will see in area cemeteries of Sussex County have been designed and created by our many skilled artisans.  Whether a small, dignified marker, a stately cross, a family estate memorial, a cremation bench or an above ground mausoleum, we have designed and installed them all through out the State of Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.

Over the years with the advent of computers and laser cutting techniques, the preparation of a beautiful memorial has become much more efficient.  Because of the ability to create an error free proof before cutting, there are less chances for there to be any dissatisfaction with the final product. Also, we are able to order direct from many quarries thus reducing the requirement for having huge stocks of inventory sitting around which permits us to give you a much better value in the selection of a memorial.

Designing a lasting tribute begins with determining the style, shape and color of memorial that is desired.  Next would be the layout of the lettering and any special features such as etched photographs, specialty carvings or monument edgings.  Finally, a color rendering would be presented to show the final memorial result prior to production.  We find that this procedure works in the majority of our appointments, however, when needed special custom designs can also be created for your review through our quarry designers.

We offer many grades of granite in various price points for all families, as well as employ all local staff who are very involved in the local community.  Furthermore, we try to deal only with quarries based in the United States, however, in order to obtain some of the more colorful granites we may have to order from international quarries.  All clients are advised of the quarry producing the granites before ordering.  When comparing memorials from other suppliers make sure the type of granite and where it is from is clearly identified to create a fair comparison between providers. 

We would be happy to meet you at your earliest convenience to explain the many options available.    Please do not hesitate to call to schedule an appointment with Keith Parsell, Andrew Parsell, Bryan Clymer, or David Bradley.

Thank you for considering our firm.

Sincerely,S. Keith Parsell